Recently I thought, isn’t there a simple, cheap oscilloscope available? And there is: A do-it-yourself kit, all parts included, ready for you to solder. Elektor provides the DSO-068 complete with casing.

You’ll get a the main PCB with some resistors and caps and the Atmel MCUs onboard already. The firmware is already programmed. The remaining through-hole resistors and capacitors and inductors you’ll need to solder.

Here are some pictures I made while soldering and building my first oscilloscope:

The box with the parts for DSO-068 inside it Everything that was in the box The PCB with all the resistors soldered All the capacitors and inductors and diodes soldered, too. The red led means, the power supply works. The display is in place, too The finished oscilloscope, displaying mains hum at 50 Hz