My yearly bicycle tour this year was from Munich to Praha via Köngissee.

On the first part I followed the Bodensee-Königssee-Radweg, then following the rivers from Königssee till Salzach, I joined EuroVelo 7. This way led me via Salzach, Inn, Donau to the Czech Republic. There I loosely followed the river Moldau (Vlatva) till Praha.

You can see my tracks on the interactive map I created:

Bicycle Tour 2022: From Munich to Praha via Königssee

Bicycle Tour 2022: From Munich to Praha via Königssee

For the map I used the following tools:

  • Viking - Viking GPS data editor and analyzer

    For trimming the gpx tracks.

  • Leaflet - an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

    As the basis for the map.

  • Leaflet-ui - Leaflet presets for common user interface customizations

    For simple UI controls.

  • leaflet-elevation.js - A Leaflet plugin that allows to add elevation profiles using d3js

    For displaying the elevation profile of my gpx tracks.

  • leaflet-gpx - GPX plugin for Leaflet

    For loading the gpx tracks.