Bicycle Tour 2024

From Munich to Inn via Fernpass and back

Start point is in Munich at the Isar river. Incidentally at the “Earth” of the planetary walk of the “Deutsches Museum”. Following the Isar until Wolfratshausen, where we follow the river Loisach, up to its sources. Then we are already near the Fernpass, which brings us over the mountain. It’s an old roman road that is part of the Via Claudia Augusta trail.

After the pass we are in the Inn valley and following the river until Zirl where we go back over the mountains via Seefeld and then to Scharnitz back to the river Isar. This trail is part of the Bikeschaukel Tirol (Bikeswing Tyrol). But while the mountain bikes run downhill, we go uphill (very steep).

Following the river Inn until Wallgau where we leave the Isar and ride to Lake Walchen. The trail goes at the southern edge along the lake until Lenggries at the Isar again. We follow the Isar until Bad Tölz where we switch to the bike trail Bodensee-Königssee-Radweg which we follow until Tegernsee. There we join again the trail München Venezia which brings us back to Munich.


  • 4 Days
  • ~ 400km
  • 2 mountain passes, 2 times ~ 600hm
  • Longest distance from Earth, scaled to AU:
    • Sun
    • Earth
    • Pluto
    • According to, one AU is ca. 120m
    • The longest distance away from earth is: ca. 118km at Imst-Pitztal
    • This gives us ~ 980 AU. This is about 1/63241 of a light-year or 135 light hours.
    • This is 6 times the distance of Voyager 1.
    • –> We left the solar system.

All emojis designed by OpenMoji – the open-source emoji and icon project. License: CC BY-SA 4.0 (camping, mountain, hotel)


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