Resizing linux boot partition

You have installed your linux using reasonable defaults. This means, you might have a EFI partition, a boot partition and all the remaining space is used for a big encrypted partition (LUKS - Linux Unified Key Setup), which hosts a physical volume to be used by LVM (logical volume manager). Since you need to be able to unlock this encrypted partition before using, this is done in the initial ram disk stored on the boot partition, which is not encrypted.


Cable Internet - Part 2: VoIP

It seems to be common practice, that the hardware router, that you get from your ISP runs a branded firmware which restricts certain configuration options - most important, you can’t simply configure your VoIP phone connection. This is probably, because the ISP offers you also phone services and he wants to ensure, that you his and only his phone service.


Cable internet - Part 1: Installation

I recently order cable internet, since the provider offers for almost the same price as the DSL provider better speed. I’ve also read, that the cable provider deployed already IPv6 in my region. So - good to go.



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