Spurious ClassNotFound Exception during maven builds

I first observed this behavior on our build server running Jenkins. We have two build jobs, building snapshot versions. Project A and B. Project B depends on A. Always dealing with snapshots. Jenkins ran the standard mvn clean install command. Now, when both jobs were running in parallel on Jenkins, sometimes project B failed during compilation or running unit tests with weird ClassNotFound exceptions. The missing classes were from project A, of course.


Easter date calculations

When you create a calendar, like OOoCalendar, it’s nice, if the calendar already calculates holidays. One of the holidays, that is every year on a somewhat different date is Easter. There are many other Christian holidays that depend on the Easter day like 40 days after Easter is Ascension Day.



Do you know the “Olson database”? It’s the database in which all the timezones of the world are described. The timezones of the present - and also of the past. See the wikipedia article tz database for more information.



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