OOoCalendar: Creating a calendar with libreoffice

A calendar, that gives you an overview about half a year, is sometimes very handy. But you’ll need a new one every year. So - why bother buying one every year when you can create one on your own? That’s what I thought a couple of year back and created OOoCalendar - a simple calendar generator based on OpenOffice/LibreOffice.


PMD 5.3.4 released

Yesterday, I released a new version of PMD. It’s mostly a bugfix release and it was time after almost 2 months to get out a new version.


Custom Resolutions with QEMU and KVM

If you have a monitor with a non-standard resolution like 1600x900 or 2560x1440, then you can’t easily use this resolution in the guest operating system. If you run the guest in full screen mode, you either need to scale or you can’t use the full screen. But it is possible to add the native resolutions of your monitors to the bios QEMU is using so that you can select it in the guest os.



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