Gnome audio distortion

After the last update of gnome I’ve heard some stuttering or distortions when playing audio, e.g. youtube videos. It seems, that there is some buffer underflow of audio data while transfering it to the audio hardware. And the audio hardware doesn’t get a continous stream of data and thus needs to do little pauses when playing back audio which is very annoying.


Backing up Android and Apps for an Upgrade

From time to time, a software upgrade is is needed. A upgrade - in contrast to an update - is a more invasive way to install a new version: Everything is deleted and installed from ground up. This is required e.g. when you want to upgrade from LineageOS 17 to LineageOS 18, like I recently did for a Fairphone 2 phone.


Code signing with let's encrypt certificate for your github pages domain

If you want to sign your code, you need a certificate. You can create a self-signed certificate, but then the users still need to accept your signature. Code signing is often used for eclipse and eclipse plugins. If you install a eclipse plugin, which is not signed, you always need to say “Install anyway…”. If your plugin would be signed - especially with a certificate that is trusted - this dialog wouldn’t show and the plugin is installed without notice.



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