Using maven behind a proxy

When you are in a corporate network, you might be behind an authenticating http proxy server. Indications that you are: timeouts when maven tries to download a dependency from maven central.


Captive portals

When using public wifis, they are often “protected” by a so-called captive portal. They redirect you to a page, where you need to login or at least accept the conditions of the network, you are going to use. Before you have agreed, all your network traffic is blocked which leads to timeouts.


Resizing linux boot partition

You have installed your linux using reasonable defaults. This means, you might have a EFI partition, a boot partition and all the remaining space is used for a big encrypted partition (LUKS - Linux Unified Key Setup), which hosts a physical volume to be used by LVM (logical volume manager). Since you need to be able to unlock this encrypted partition before using, this is done in the initial ram disk stored on the boot partition, which is not encrypted.


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