Using DisplayLink with Dell D3100 dock and Intel Sky Lake Graphics card on Debian

Getting DisplayLink to work on a fresh installed Debian testing took more time than expected. One reason for this was for sure my lack of knowledge about the output providers infrastructure in xrandr. I was coming from an Ubuntu 14.04 system, where DisplayLink was working more or less stable. After upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 it still was working, but the internal sound card of my system wasn’t - and sometimes the soundcard of my docking station only was working after a replug. That was the situation, where I thought: A reinstall of the system would be great - and I simply choose Debian, it usually works.


Using openssl and java for RSA keys

If you want to use public key encryption, you’ll need public and private keys in some format. OpenSSL and many other tools can generate such key pairs as well as java. However, if it comes to interoperability between these tools, you’ll need to be a bit careful. This post shows, how to generate a key pair with openssl, store it in files and load these key pairs in Java for usage.



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